Friday, 15 May 2009


Wow, it's almost a month already...

Well, it's exam coming up...
And then, I'll be happily off for holidays...
Hopefully, a productive one!!

Well... just want to say all the best
for those who are having exams!!
I'll be praying for you guys!!

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Productive day!

Just a slight summary of my day...
Went to University for Next Stage's modules~

Japanese class~

McD for lunch~

OAC to do homework~

Another Japanese class~

Quick trip home~

Walked to Castle Leazes to dance~
     Had a really good but confusing time T.T
     most of them were intermediates, and
     I could barely keep my balance...
     Haiz........ but it was a nice experience,
    considering that I was making a fool out of myself!

before that I also went to the graveyard...
Hehe, weird thing to do, but that was just another method to waste time...
I was chased out, since the gates were supposed to close...
The brightness at night is confusing me T.T

I had quite an interesting day generally ^^
I shall be posting pictures from my trip to Skegness!
Hopefully soon!!

Si Yieng

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Confession of the Shopaholics!!!

Dear all, brace yourselves with a very long blog...

Now, I'm thinking...
I need a lot of energy to do this!
So, please read it with a grateful heart...
I hope you guys enjoy yourself ^^

Eating Spree:

Dim Sum at Palace Garden

Free amazing breakfast by Michiko-san ^^

Michiko-san's self-made plum wine (Hmm, I don't really remember if it was plum)

Gochisousama! ごちそうさま!

Costa: Mocha

Nando's amaziing chickiin >.<


Iced peach tea!
(Aigoo compared to Escapade's)
tsk tsk tsk

But, the taste is OK


Miso soup

Sagawa Sushi

Natou sushi!

The after effects of natou sushi >.<

Japanese plum 


Aish! That Ma Ying Ying
Spoiler >.<

I took another one ^^

Green tea ice cream


Pizza Hut

Hazirah telling me I'm
turning 20 T.T

Ice cream factory!!!
All you can eat ice cream...
Sadly, I only managed 1 1/2 bowl

Birthday events (040409):

Back to St. Sushi


Spicy tuna



Bought an ipod pouch

Theatre (Inspector Calls)

I can only take a picture of how the theatre looks like...

And we were sitting at the top...
Quite hard to see...

Solomon's Dhaba

I just realized after posting, tat the hands look quite scary...
Haahaha... looked like they were chopped off...
Don't have nightmares!

First experience baking cookies >.<

Day Trip in Newcastle

Found another Japanese

Shopping at Metrocentre

Late lunch at Pizza Hut (Metro Centre)


Shopaholics on the loose!!!

These are NOT garbage bags!

Book Exhibition


Chean Yuin's purchases

Hazirah's purchases

My purchases


pressie from Hazirah

More clothes

This is the end point of the buses...
I actually wanted to take Hazirah for a bus tour to Heaton...
And we did finish the Heaton area...
BUT, on the way back, we were actually on the bus which says
"Sorry not in service" T.T
We didn't realize...

Luckily, the bus stopped near Fenham, 
and we were able to reach home safely...
Praise the Lord.

Starbucks: Mocha Latte

Hazirah went back to Aberdeen...
I came home, took a few hours sleep...
And then, blog...
Then, I'm going to pack later, for the Skegness trip...

Spring Harvest...
It's a Christian conference...
Will update when I come back ^^
I'll be gone gone about a week!!!